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Great real estate agents never stop learning, and we're devoted to innovating and evolving as you do. With our convenient online courses written by industry experts, you can be rest assured that what you learn will help you succeed.

G.R.E.A.T.’s instructors come from diverse background, providing a 360-degree view of the real estate industry to our students. Our instructors are absolute professionals and experts in the field, with years of experience.


Our Instructors make a GREAT difference…

Our Instructors Are In The Know

Being an effective instructor takes more than simply knowing real estate in general. You also have to know customers. Just like a real estate agent has to be up-to-speed on buyer and seller behavior, so does the instructor. Great instructors study the market and keep up with consumer trends and patterns. Knowing the buying and selling habits of real estate consumers enables an instructor to fashion courses that help agents understand how to relate to today’s clients.

Consumers change the way they shop for real estate, so it’s important that agents keep pace in the way they serve the consumer. Today, most homebuyers are finding the home they eventually buy online, before they ever speak to an agent. Agents need to better understand how to be a resource for these consumers and provide added value to the experience. An instructor who understands the varied types of buyers and sellers in today’s marketplace peppers their courses with this insider knowledge and better serves the students.

Our Lead Instructor, Dr. Nicole Dhanraj

Dr. Nicole Dhanraj is an army veteran with a diverse background! Her diversity spans many industries such as healthcare, education, business, and real estate investing. She is an experienced Real Estate owner, Director of Radiology, Professor, Edupreneur, Author, SCORE Business Mentor, Subject Matter Expert on business topics like organizational development, strategy development, and leadership,. She is also an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, with work focused on using positive change management tools. 

Dr. Dhanraj received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St Martin’s University and her Master’s in International Relations, graduating magna cum laude from Troy State University. She earned her doctorate with an emphasis in Organizational Management from Capella University. She received her certification as an appreciative inquiry facilitator through Case Western Reserve University. She has several certifications to include project management, human resources, radiology administrator. She holds her real estate license in Guam.

Our Instructors Teach Relevant Material

A great instructor teaches material that is relevant to students. Real estate is a fluid topic, with new laws and techniques emerging frequently and regularly. To be effective, courses must be constantly updated so the subject matter is cutting edge and ahead of the curve. In a sense, to excel, real estate instructors must be students themselves, familiarizing themselves with all things new and continuing their own education to make sure their students are prepared.

A good example is understanding the role that digital tools, such as a mobile-friendly web presence, QR codes on printed materials and for-sale signs, and a social media strategy for generating and nurturing leads, can play in real estate sales—and then conveying this to the students.

Our Instructors Believe In Real Estate

It’s not enough to just teach material. Great real estate instructors believe in what they are teaching, and they also believe they’re the best people to deliver the material. This is usually fueled by their understanding of why they are teaching in the first place. In addition, these beliefs should carry through to the students. When students believe in their instructors and the material, they are more likely to learn and retain the material…and be successful.

Our Instructors Share Their Passion for Real Estate

A passion for teaching real estate because it will make a difference in students’ business practices is a must-have in order to be effective. That passion should stem from a desire to be involved in the process of discovery as well. Students can tell the difference between an ordinary delivery and an outstanding delivery based on enthusiasm for the material being presented. They’ll respond to the passion too, because it’s what takes information from being rote to something memorable.

Our Instructors Have The Required Skills

Good instructors start with an ability to handle classroom management issues easily. They become great as soon as they master presentation skills that incorporate interactive teaching techniques. In today’s engaged world, constant lecturing can be a turnoff. Most real estate students want to be involved in their learning, so instructors who have polished their ability to ask questions and encourage student participation will help students retain information and materials. Incorporating group work, dyad work, and individual (seek and find) activities should come natural, as should encouraging students to learn on their own.