Becoming a successful real estate agent is a combination of investing time in pre-licensing education, passing the real estate licensing exam, and finding a broker and resources to help you kick start your real estate career. 

Pre-Licensing is the regulatory education required by each state and territory’s real estate commission for getting your license and working in the real estate industry.

Our comprehensive Pre-Licensing courses include everything you need to complete your education, take the licensing exam, and obtain your license.



Follow the steps. Start with G.R.E.A.T.

Complete your pre-licensing education

Prospective real estate agents must take the real estate pre-licensing course from an approved real estate licensing school, such as G.R.E.A.T. Once you complete your course, be sure to keep your official transcripts or certificate of completion from us, which is required for your real estate license application.


Pass your real estate exam

After you complete your pre-licensing course and pass the final exam, you'll schedule your licensing real estate exam. You may encounter some of the questions on the exam that you didn't cover in your pre-licensing courses, so be sure to look for exam prep programs that will walk you through practice questions. G.R.E.A.T. offers such pre-licensing exam preparation courses.


Launch your real estate career

Congratulations on passing your exam! Now you're ready to find a broker to work who can help you start your career on strong footing. You’d be able to use the valuable education you received at G.R.E.A.T. for years to come to benefit your career in real estate. Get ready for a dynamic opportunity in working with people and making their real estate dreams come true. You will surely find this rewarding at so many levels.




Enjoy these benefits of G.R.E.A.T.’s Pre-licensing Course for Sales Agents

Courses focused on content.

Our instructors design each class for better comprehension. Our instructors are engaging, and stay on topic.


Regular reviews – know immediately what you need to study. 

We test your knowledge throughout the course, so that you are never left wondering if you are retaining all the information.


Real world situations and transactions presented in each class. 

Our instructors all have experience in the classes they are teaching. Learn from their experience!


Speak with an instructor. 

Our instructors are available in person, by phone, or by email. We make ourselves available to answer your questions!


Pass the state license exam. 

Most students pass on the first try, but if you don’t pass, don’t get discouraged! We will work with you until you pass.


Original content. 

Every class is designed with learning in mind. All of our classes were designed and developed using our own experience, and the best references on law and practice. We bring it all to you. Learn with confidence that your instructors understand the material, and have experience using it in the real market.


No hidden costs.

The cost for our course includes everything you need to get your education certificate. We will never surprise you with hidden costs or fees. Enroll with confidence.