“…comfortable and convenient experience.”

My overall experience with this online class was GREAT! The idea of being able to learn from the comfort of my home made for a comfortable and convenient experience.

I’m not new to online classes and have always thought online classes offer a better opportunity to reach a wider audience for people who do not have time for the physical classroom setting.

Another element I found enjoyable was that classes were conducted live via ZOOM – it felt as if you were right in the classroom having a face to face interaction with the instructor and classmates unlike the usual online classes offered at a community college or university. This helped keep my attention and better absorb the information rather than reading the course material via textbooks or online posts.
- K. Flores


“…everything just flowed.”

Being from the paper, pencil, eraser era, on-line classes were foreign and a bit too "modern" for me.  I was skeptical and scared to commit.  After some thought and encouragement I decided to take a leap of Faith.  I enrolled and received via email a syllabus and then daily objectives and outlines for my class.  I was sent the zoom link and I logged in and everything just flowed.  I was given access to the "e" book and I could study at any time.  There is so much freedom with on-line learning.  No hassle of traffic or parking.  As long as you have good connectivity I trust that your experience will be just as GREAT as mine!
- J. Cruz


“…very pleased…”

I found G.R.E.A.T online course to be informative, convenient, interesting and most of all fun! It was an experience that I will not forget being able to access from home. I was very pleased with the amount of information I acquired while attending . I would definitely recommend this class to others!
-J. Fejeran


Additional comments from students…

“Online class, great instructor!”

“The course was very informative and educational. Instructor is well versed with the subject and made it easy, fun, and interesting. Her overall teaching method is OUTSTANDING!!!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor's style of teaching. She taught at a good pace and was helpful when we needed clarification thus making it a comfortable learning environment.”

“I entered this course not knowing what to expect, but leaving with a greater interest in a career as a real estate professional.”

“Our instructor would use different examples to help us understand the question.”