Virtual Classes provide a way in which adults can enter the real estate industry to enrich their lives with a meaning career in real estate.

Virtual Classes work and they are GREAT for Guam. Virtual Classes offer numerous benefits for students and for the growth of Guam’s real estate market. Well managed organizations such as the Guam Association of Realtors® can address and resolve any negative myths about online courses, while providing valuable education opportunities to Guam’s adult learners.


Overall Benefits of Virtual Classes

Adult Learning:

  • Good for Adult Learners who otherwise have to balance work, family, and social life.

Convenience and Flexibility:

  • for most adult learners to attend without having to take time off their usual work. Evening classes offer flexibility and are convenient.

University and College Students:

  • Sstudents can also participate without having to miss classes at UOG and GCC.


  • Virtual Classes offer opportunities for those who cannot attend tradition in-room classes.

Save Time and Money:

  • Students won’t need to spend on traveling. Most students need to miss hours of work, which means they won’t need to miss paid working hours. In addition, those with children won’t need to look for caregivers, since they can attend classes from their convenience of their homes.

No additional resources needed

  • Most students would be able to use resources to which they already have access, such as computers, mobile devices (phones or tablets), and internet connectivity (WiFi or data plan). Students won’t need to spend hundreds on written material, including books, since resources would be made available in digital format.

Mobile Friendly

  • Recent reports indicate that 81% of adults own a smartphone, as of Feb 2019. Virtual Classes are cleverly designed to be mobile friendly, offering accessibility to most adults who would opt to use their tablets or smartphones to participate in online class sessions.

Lower Costs

  • Virtual Classes cost less for a wider segment of adult learners. Because organizations offering online courses have less real-time overhead, the classes can be offered at lowered costs. This is a substantial benefit for students who otherwise felt traditional real estate courses were costly.

Availability of Resources

  • Students do not need to commute to any facility to access a knowledge-base or library. Instead, for Virtual Classes, instructors make materials available in digital format, through learning platforms, email, and online web portals. Access to all class materials and resources is instant for online courses.

Locally Relevant

  • Guam’s Virtual Classes would provide instruction customized for Guam, offering Guam-relevant material and education.