Q: What class formats are offered for taking the pre-license class?
A: We offer the following:
In-person classroom setting
Live virtual setting
Q: What are the fees associated for signing up for a Real Estate pre-license class?
A: The fees are as follows:
Broker Class = $750.00
Sales Agent Class = $550.00
Rates are subject to change.
Q: What is inclusive of the fees for my pre-license class?
A: The following are inclusive of the pre-license class fee:
Mp3 Audio Review
Q: Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?
A: We offer a credit to be applied to a future pre-license class within the year.
 Refunds are available up to the second session and minus a $150 cancellation fee
Q: What forms of payment does G.R.E.A.T. accept?
A: PayPal (via website)
 Check, cashier’s check, money order payable to the Guam Association of REALTORS® to be mailed or dropped off prior to the class.
Q: How many hours are required for a pre-license class?
A: 30 hours
 For more details: Visit DRT at https://www.guamtax.com/
Q: What is the allowable number of absence in a pre-license course?
A: (1) Absence
Q: What is considered excused tardiness and absence?
A: Medical Emergencies
 Family Emergencies
Q: Do you offer make-up classes for missed sessions?
A: Refer to instructor
Q: Is recording of the pre-license class session allowed?
A: No
Q: Who administers the pre-license exam and are there applicable fees?
A: University of Guam
 The fee is $50.00 per exam
Q: What is the passing score for a pre-license exam?
A: It is 75% for both Sales Agent and Broker
Q: Is there a retake if I fail the exam?
A: There is no limit to the amount of times you can retake the pre-license exam
 There will be a $50.00 charge per retake.
Q: What are the real estate pre-licensing requirements?
A: For more details: Visit DRT at https://www.guamtax.com/
Q: What is a pre-exam review and who is eligible to sign up for a pre-exam review?
A: A pre-exam review is highlighting certain topics of the pre-license class, which assists you in preparing for the actual real estate exam.
 Individuals who have previously taken a pre-license class are eligible to sign up for the pre-exam review.
Q: Is there a fee for the pre-exam review and how many times can I retake the pre-exam review?
A: The fee is $45.00 to take the pre-exam review
 There is no limit to the amount of times you can retake the pre-exam review at a fee
Q: How do I register for the pre-exam review?
A: Registration can be found on the homepage of https://greatguam.com/
 Send an email to contact.great@guamrealtors.com or call (671) 477-4271